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Monday, October 27, 2008

She Stole My Husband's Heart

A week and a half ago, I left with Chris' mom, sister, and cousin for St. Paul, MN, for a five-day get-away. We went to the Mall of America, and then attended the Women of Faith conference there.

Four hours after leaving home... yes that's right, four hours...

Chris was in the park killing some time while waiting on someone, and saw her. Apparently she was hungry and cold, and kept following people back and forth and no one noticed. Well Chris noticed. And after she followed him around for a while, he took her home. It was supposed to be in the 30s that night, and he was worried that she would die. (Not that I blame him, at all) So four hours after my leaving home, Mr No-Inside-Pets, and later, Mr. One-Cat-Is-More-Than-Enough-to-Handle, brought this little one home. And I must say, that I'm quite proud of him. Not that I was really ready for another pet. But...

She has completely bewitched him. No really. Ask anyone. She has been just about everywhere with him. My parents', Chris' parents, the office (she and Thor are getting along quite well), the grocery store (although she stayed in the truck), and even on service calls (again, happily napping in the truck).

There has been much debate since then, about her fate. Where would she live? At our house? At my in-laws? In the office? Well, the debate has been settled for now. She will live here, much to Zsa Zsa's (hopefully temporary) chagrin. We are hopeful, as the 'girls' are getting along better every day. I'm hoping they will be good company for each other.

The 'little one' will still visit the office from time to time, too, so we can all share.

Meanwhile, she is in desperate need of a name. She has been called all of the following, plus many more (some from us, some from the family): Polly (she rode on Chris' shoulder the first few days until getting hurt outside. This was during the maybe-she-could-be-an-outside-kitty-trial), Kitty, Little One, Whose-Its, Monkey Face, Sabrina, Zoey, Princess Mia, Spooks, and Hey-You. None of them seem quite right... Any suggestions? Cause, she needs a name soon. Just look at that face... (sigh) ;-)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Been gone and running. In the meantime, loving this song today:

We Live