Monday, July 28, 2008

A Month

It seems a lot can happen in a little over a month- especially this summer. Unfortunately, I haven't had a camera at the ready for most of it. But- given the nature of the month, I think it's ok.

It started with a family emergency (everyone's ok now), and has ended still trying to catch up and recover from said emergency. Tomorrow is part two of dealing with the rest of the "situation", so any and all prayers are appreciated. We're hoping that the procedure will be routine, and everyone will be home on Wednesday.

I'm so thankful that things have turned out as they have. It could have ended so differently. I've never felt how truly small I am, as I did that night. Not at the ocean, or in the mountains, not on a plane. Life is so fragile, so brief. We are small. But God is so big, and God is so good.

I'm also thankful to have such wonderful friends, who teach me how to be a better friend every day. Through this situation, and the actions these friends, neighbors, and fellow Christians- I can tell you that I have truly seen the hands and feet of Christ reflected. And they are beautiful...

In my true fashion of coping, instead of crying or freaking out (although I did get teary twice), I decided that I would start taking a class. So, I am in the process of taking a business class online in order to try to make my dreams a reality. It feels really good to be moving forward. Can't wait to get things rolling.....

Sorry for so much heaviness on a Monday. More fun to come, I promise!

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photoeye said...

Em, I am praying for you and your family today. I love the collage of your month. And a business class! Girl?!? It's been forever since we have talked! I know you'll do great at it, you thrive on making yourself a better person. Glad to see you on here again :)