Friday, May 23, 2008

Back Online

So, almost two months ago my computer decided that life was no longer worth living- and died. I believe Eric said it was the mother-board. Anyway, to make a long story short- money was saved, parts were purchased, repairs were made, and the internet is now re-connected.

Therefore, today I would like to proclaim that my brother-in-law, Eric, is my new hero.

Needless to say, much has changed in these two months. I've blogged it all in my head, as we went along (disturbing, I know- but it's ok). There's just too much. No going back now. Not yet anyway...

Hope you're all having a fantastic spring day!


photoeye said...

yeah, yeah, yeah because I have really missed you!

Sandy said...

I wondered where you went. I had been checking on and off but nothing new for a long time. Glad you're back. I enjoy your blog.