Monday, December 24, 2007

The Last 12 Days

The 12 days leading up to Christmas... Wow. They've gone so fast, but it's been wonderful getting ready for our first Christmas in our own home.

I have to say it feels like it's our very first Christmas all over again. Only way better. The first Christmas after we got married, Chris got mono- and I spent several weeks praying, care-taking, wondering what he had, and begging God not to let him die. We didn't know what he had for awhile, and I was really scared. It wasn't an especially merry time, but we did the best we could, and God was so good. Chris got better, is absolutely fine, and I am so thankful to our merciful Lord.

Because I'm quite behind on blogging, I'd like to say happy belated birthday to Eric and Grandma Rosie. Sorry I don't have any current pics. We're going to have to work on that (hint, hint). But Happy Belated, anyway! Love you guys!

Also, Congrats Eric, on your new home! We're so excited for you. Welcome to the neighborhood...

We have had several celebrations already, but my favorite was our "progressive" day where we went to each family's house to eat and play a game or some other 'Christmassy' thing. Our house was first where we hosted brunch, and played what-if. It was so much fun, and a good chance to try some new recipes.

Last week we had a bit of excitement- the house down the street blew up. Literally. They think if was because of a faulty furance. Fortunately no one was hurt. It was a miracle really. (The pile is where the house was. It also damaged houses on both sides)

Tonight, we're staying home and watching The Nativity Story, eating Italian, maybe doing some baking, and just enjoying being together.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!


photoeye said...

Hey Em, your brunch looked wonderful, the food and the table! I hope you had a Merry Christmas and can't wait to see some new photos...

photoeye said...

Em, your brunch looks great, the food and the table! I hope you and Chris had a wonderful Christmas!