Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas 2007

Merry Christmas (albeit belated) from us! I hope wonderful memories were made by all, and the true meaning and focus were clear. What a gift, that Christ came for us!

Also, thank you to everyone for all the wonderful Christmas cards and letters! We have enjoyed hearing from friends and family so much. I was unable to get ours out before the holidays this year, but plan to send out a mailing soon.

Oh, and by the way, I have news! Chris got me a camera for Christmas! It's the one I've been saving for, for a long time. I'm hoping to become somewhat of a photographer eventually (in addition to everything else), so it's perfect. Now comes the learning curve that one experiences when trying to figure out something for oneself, that would probably best be learned in a classroom environment. I've always learned better with the aid of teacher-support, but it's an exciting challenge this way. I'm so thankful for the chance to even try!

Following are a few photos from Christmas 2007...

My new Baby:

The first photo I took with the new camera...

Chris on Christmas Morning- Knowing he did really good...

At My Parents House:
Bobo & Bubba

Then we went to Chris' parents where we ate, and the girls played games and sang Christmas carols upstairs while the boys did what they do downstairs... I only wish I would have thought to take more photos, or at least gotten some of everyone.

Friends Forever... (As a side note: It is very difficult sometimes for Chris' mom to take a serious picture- especially in the middle of a party!)

Grandma laughing- not uncommon, but rarely caught on 'film'.

One of my favorite photos of my mother-in-law of all time. Not artist-quality by any means, but I think it captures her sense of humor, and willingness to love people and have a good time- which are, incidentally, a few of my favorite things about her.

Lastly, one of the family photos done by Sarah. She did really great job. Thank you, my friend, you're the best! If you need a photographer, she can be found here:


harpstef said...

I love all these, but especially Chris with your comment---descibes that look perfectly!!! ahahah

photoeye said...

great phtoos, I too love the one of Chris. You caught some great "in the moment" photos too. The get-togethers look fun.