Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Dessert

While searching for inspiration to make tomorrow's dinner extra special, I stumbled on this lady's cooking site: Please, please, PLEASE check out the chocolate pie recipe she posted today if you remotely like chocolate at all (which, sadly, I know that a good portion of my friends- and you know who you are- don't. I love you anyway). Can I just say HELLO to the fantastic Valentine's dessert I've been looking for? Don't worry, planning to use pasteurized eggs. Don't want to take any chances. Will also be running on the elliptical for a couple of hours (yikes!) to make up for the sinfulness. But hey- whatever it takes, right?

1 comment:

photoeye said...

mm, ya, probably not for me, but it does look beautiful! thanks for more cali does look so nice and warm!