Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Day At Home

Does anyone love being at home as much as I do? It just makes me happy- plain and simple. That's all I can say.

Yesterday, we had to cancel Bible study due to the weather. So because my house was already relatively clean from Chris' party, I had a 'free' day. So, I thought I'd share...

Did some planner-work, and tried to finalize some of my business details.

Worked on some things to add to my shop. I opened it yesterday. YEAH!!! There's nothing posted there yet, but soon. It will be at EAlloftheAbove.etsy.com. If anyone has any suggestions of things to put in there, I'm definitely open.

Am loving working with these- amazingly enough.

Roasted some of these. Only a few left. They're from my garden, last year, and they've been in a bin in my basement since last fall. My two favorite things to do with them are to make soup (which freezes well and is very figure-friendly: squash, chicken broth, salt, & pepper- puree); and stuffed squash halves stuffed with wild-rice, apples, dried cranberries, and almonds (modified from a recipe in Everyday Food magazine). Yum!

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photoeye said...

CONGRATS! on the etsy shop!! You'll do awesome, you come up with the best stuff...can't wait to check it out when you get stuff up.