Thursday, March 6, 2008

Looks Like Fun...

Saw this on a post on Becky Novacek's blog and thought it looked like so much fun!

What better way to spend an afternoon with friends? Wouldn't be hard at all. You could do it with just paint, or as a collage-style piece. I even had these on hand already. Truth is, you could use just about anything you had. Could do it on a smaller scale too.

I'm thinking something like an ode to Spring...

Anybody want to?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As a side note- no, I'm not always in work-out wear all day, but I had an appointment with a well-earned, celebratory piece of cake last night, and consequently have a few work-out appointments today.

Right now I'm working on cleaning my office- an extremely long-overdue task. Cranked up the music, drinking coffee, and dancing a bit (something NO ONE SHOULD EVER SEE!!! But hey- it's exercise, right?).

1 comment:

photoeye said...

I want to! I can't look at it and know exactally what to do like you can, so you'll have to give us a "class" like she gave them, but we should do it!