Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I want to like tea- I really do. Why? There are so many reasons. The health benefits, the culture of tea (most of my family came from England for-crying-out-loud), or the idea that you sat down and had a nice cup of tea and everything seemed better.

However, I must admit that I'm just not that kind of girl. Up until Friday, just a sip of any tea made me want to throw up. Then my wonderful friends, Holly and Sarah, and I got together for "tea" (I brought coffee). I tried a couple new kinds, and there is now a ray of hope. Of course, technically neither one had any "tea" in them, but that's entirely beside the point. Isn't it...?...

I commented constantly, alright. How can something taste so differently from how it smells? The green tea with honey wasn't much better.

Finally, my surprise gift from Sarah (I actually like it!) :

But then, how could you not like something that smells like a cookie?
Maybe there's hope, yet...

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