Wednesday, March 19, 2008


When I woke up on Saturday, my kitchen looked like this. Unsightly, yes. Dated, absolutely. But basically functional, mostly clean, a relatively normal run-of-the-mill kitchen that lived in hopes of one day looking a bit better than it did.

Now, to be completely honest, I did know that Michael P. was coming to help Chris do a bit of demo that day. I guess my cold-afflicted head just didn't quite grasp how much that would entail. This is my own fault- I have been down this road enough times by now to know better. Somehow I thought that hanging plastic and trying to keep up with things would keep the debris limited to one room. How bad could it be, right? Just a little paneling and a few cabinets... right? Um, no.

At it's worst, I forgot to take photos. But suffice it to say that Chris had a blast tearing things down, and a shovel was very necessary. I was released, and took my stuffy/hacky self and fled to the sanctuary of the office in the front of the house. Breathing was much easier in there. Bless their hearts, the boys got rid of most of the debris before I came back. Now there is just a fine never-ending layer plaster/etc. dust covering everything on the first floor. However, on the bright side, the good news is that:
  1. We're finally making head-way in the us vs. dust/debris battle (even though there's a little more every day)
  2. Things, in a way, are much on their way toward improvement
  3. We're almost to the sheet-rock part of phase 1
  4. I am basically over my cold. (YEAH!) This is very helpful toward a sunnier outlook on life.
  5. Tomorrow is the first day of Spring. Somehow that helps too!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Just taking out those overhead cabinets made a huge improvement on how open and bright the room feels

The wall where the refrigerator used to live:


Sandy said...

Oh...thanks for sharing pics, I love to watch renovations. We've had a lot here at my house and oh...the dust, the debris, the mess, but it's always worth it.

Hope you are feeling better with that cough.


Emily said...

I'm feeling tons better, thanks. I even walked to work today! :-)

harpstef said...

wow!!! things are changing at your house!! I am so happy for you, it does look alot more bright in there already!! When you say walked to work???? Clear out to the in=laws???? Do you want a ride home? ahhahah

photoeye said...

I love seeing the progress, keep it up and keep sharing. I can't wait to see the finished product.