Wednesday, November 7, 2007

And They All Said, "Welcome Home..."

Today, Chris' great aunt, Elizabeth Bishop (Aunt Betty to us), went home and met Jesus.

On the drive home from the nursing home, I asked Chris what he thought it will be like to go to Heaven. I personally think a bright, sunny fall day when the air is clean and crisp would be a wonderful time (if you were allowed to see it for a split second as you traveled, of course). Not that there could possibly be a time that wasn't wonderful- but, you know what I mean... I just think a day like today would be especially perfect after being bed-ridden and ill for so long. Then flying off through a sea of twinkling stars, to meet our Savior, face to face. Wow...

Like the song says, I can only imagine what that will be like. Makes one pause, feel wistful, and maybe even a bit homesick.

I just like to think that when she got there, that the Lord, the angels, and her loved ones all opened their arms and said, "Welcome home, Betty, welcome home..."

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photoeye said...

Em, so sorry for you and Chris, but so glad for her...glad she is home!