Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Day in the Middle...

Today is the day of recovery, and preparation. Yesterday was a bit of a marathon, and we're getting ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow, more company, and the other necessary holiday preparations.

Yesterday was the memorial service for my great-aunt, Evlyn, who passed away last Monday. She was one of "The Aunts". They are the sisters of my grandmother, all of whom I love dearly. They are all dignified, well-cultured, have impeccable taste, and are funny and sweet. I adore them. Evlyn was 96, and up until very recently still went for walks quite often, exercised "with the lady on TV" daily, and was still very fashion conscious. She was friendly, brilliant, and made me laugh.

The drive home...

I think the shower went well- people seemed to have a good time, anyway. Truthfully, I was a bit numb by the end (so probably not the best hostess), but all were close friends- so I think it was comfortable. My one regret is that I got busy and didn't take photos. Here is a bit of the aftermath, though (the pom-poms hung at varying heights from the ceiling, thanks to Chris)... We also finally got the dining room painted. Chocolate brown- not quite as dark in person, will be perfect once we get the mouldings up.

Also here is the dry-erase board, and bathroom (it's not done yet- but at least functional :-) Yeah!)


Hols said...

I love the dry erase board! And you have great handwriting!
The dining colour looks awesome!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see it in person!
Great pom poms Chris!

photoeye said...

It was a great party! You were tired, but you had every reason to be. I didn't make it into the bathroom, it looks so nice! Love the chocolate wall though!