Thursday, November 8, 2007

For the Love of Paint

I have long had this incredible fascination with color. Seriously. (Probably a good indication of why I majored in Interior Design in college- that and I had an all-beige bedroom for most of my childhood) It's a little insane, really. This fascination is most often lived out in paint, at this point in my life. What else makes such impact for so little? It can be an instant mood-lifter, room-brightener, and therapy tool.

I love how a such small investment can make such a difference- that can last for years, or easily change on a whim. I love how it makes one's home seem so much cozier and more personal. I love that the same product (generally speaking) , can protect surfaces, give clear direction, beautify our nest, and has given us some of the greatest art of all time. It's been around practically forever, yet is changing all the time.

As you can see in the background, we're finally finishing up on painting phase 1 in our kitchen. Thank you, Sherwin Williams, for the $3.00 mis-tint. LOVE that! More photos to come. For now I have more painting to do, as I want to be as done as possible for the "Happy Birthday to Us" party tomorrow.

So Happy Belated Birthday, Sarah & Holly- two of the dearest friends in the world! Tomorrow will be a blast.

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photoeye said...

And it was a blast...thanks for hosting the "Happy Birthday to Us" party! It was so much fun and you are such a great hostess!

Love your love for paint and color!